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    On 10-Feb-2013
    Subject:  Review for Deena Fischer Organizing
    Comment:  This is a recommendation for Deena Fischer at Deena Fischer Organizing. We moved to Park Slope from California six months ago. While we've done a decent job with a cross-country move and a toddler, there were a few places in our apartment that really needed some help. Deena came over to help us and within minutes saw what the core issues were. For instance, she took one look at our dining room closet and made some excellent suggestions to organize the space-- all of which were completely doable and did not require spending a dime. Coming to one's home and looking into one's closets can be a very personal thing, but we felt very much at ease with Deena. She is extremely non-judgemental, patient and is like a very insightful, kind therapist. She is also practical, straightforward and all of the suggestions she made were within our budget. If you need help organizing any part of your home or office, we recommend her highly.