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    DeMoor Speech Therapy

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    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 04-Mar-2016
    Subject:  Review for Speech therapist Christine De Moor
    Comment:  I chose to take our 3.5 year old to Christine De Moor because our insurance accepted her and her proximity to us.. My daughter had an evaluation with her for an hour and a double session with her and subsequently have decided not to continue working with her for the following reasons. With our first apt with Christine De Moor, I arrived on time waited 20 minutes in a waiting room with a very loud TV. The station was on a news channel which was discussing serious crimes with photos.. typical news.. and I had to tell the receptionist I did not want my daughter exposed to that and asked to turn TV off or change channel which they let me turn off. Christine came out and took my daughter in a room without me for an hour long evaluation I could see or hear her. (she has never been in situation with one adult with no other supervision or one of us with her- maybe this is normal for speech therapy) The second apt was our first double session. Upon seeing Christine our daughter was inconsolable for about 20 minutes. This is very unusual behavior for her even at drs offices .Maybe this could be a common occurrence for a child in speech therapy in the beginning being with someone they don’t know without anchor of anyone they know for an hour. Instead of trying to engage my daughter to comfort her or try to gain her trust, Christine criticized and said is she a daddy’s girl is that what’s going on here? Although she apologized for her as she put it “attacking” my husband, we feel she and her office was an inappropriate place for our child to get any services from. The assessment she provided was accurate to what I see and her school has conveyed to me. Christine has a loud and gruff mannerism. I am hoping our daughter will be able to build trust with another speech therapist who will be more sensitive and thoughtful.