Furniture Donations

In addition to the places listed below, tou can find places to donate practically anything (and see which organizations pick up) on the City’s website and app:

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Total Reviews:  8
Street:  69 9th Street
City:  Brookly
State:  NY
Zip Code:  11215
Neighborhood:  Gowanus
Total Reviews:  2

Go to website and type in your zip code, nearest GOODWILL location will pop up.

Total Reviews:  4
Street:  266 5th Avenue Brooklyn
City:  Brooklyn
State:  NY
Zip Code:  11215
Phone:  718.636.2271
Neighborhood:  Park Slope
Total Reviews:  2
Total Reviews:  6
Phone:  1-800-SA-TRUCK

Call (718) 622-4705 to arrange a pick-up of donations or drop off donations at one of their Thrift Store locations.
22 Quincy Street
436 Atlantic Avenue
520 50th Street