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    EFT Brooklyn

    Park Slope Mom Jondi Whitis describes her work in one simple sentence: I teach parents and children how to Feel Better Fast.
    Using modern techniques from acupressure and mindfulness in a fun and personal way helps us easily target problems and develop creative, fun and swift solutions. (And who doesn’t like that?! : )  
    I’ve been practicing and teaching others the work of modern energy medicine pioneers for over a decade, and take great joy in providing families and their children with innovative, creative ways to de-stress, reduce pain, better self-manage and enhance their performance on both daily and life goals.  Come find out how quickly and easily you can have a better life experience, every day.
    You can reach me here:  Jondi@eft4Results.com   I provide private sessions as well as group training and presentations.

    Free 15-minute phone consultation

    and 20% off a package of two in-home sessions.

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