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    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 27-Aug-2016
    Subject:  Re: ISO Handyman for a variety of projects
    Comment:  I recommend James Greco (347) 267 0535. Very responsive, fast and very reasonably priced. And very nice
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 24-Jan-2016
    Subject:  I've got a great Handyman!
    Comment:  I often see people asking for a handyman on here and figured I should finally share my experience with my handyman I've been using for a few years. I actually found him through the PSP recommendations a while back but not sure he's still listed.His name is James Greco. He is very responsive via email and has on pretty much any occasion, been available - even on 1 day notice. He's perfect for small jobs like hanging shelves, small repairs, etc (I have not used him for larger jobs but definitely ask) and what I like about him is he offers his opinion and patiently works with you when you can't decide what looks best! He has a good eye for design which helps.He has a 1 hour minimum. I highly recommend him!
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 24-Jan-2016
    Subject:   Reviewed by On 28-Feb-2015
    Comment:  Subject: Handyman Review Comment: I want to send a shout-out for an excellent handyman, James Greco! James has been helping me with various projects around the house for 7-8 years: painting, fixing furniture, basement clean-up and moving, building bookshelves, organizing, carpentry. (He fixed me and my husband's CA King bed from bending in the middle -- and saved my marriage!) James can do any kind of handy work and is an artist so he is also a creative thinker and has a good eye. He responds quickly, punctually, always with a congenial and cheerful attitude. Plus he's very reasonably priced, even underpriced I'd say. Pleasant and very skillful, a resourceful and lovely man to work with.
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 15-Feb-2013
    Subject:  ISO Skilled, Reliable Handyman
    Comment:  A friend of a friend recommended James Greco to me and he was amazing. James mounted our TV and was very knowledgable. I will definitely use him again.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 21-Apr-2012
    Comment:  James is a lifesaver. I have used him in my home a number of times to do a variety of big and little jobs; building a private storage space in my basement, mounting a floating wall unit, assembling a child’s bed, grouting, plumbing and electrical repairs. He is resourceful, dependable, easy to communicate with and available in an emergency. His rates are reasonable and he works very efficiently. If there’s a problem you can’t solve, James often has a creative solution. Plus, he is great with kids and dogs and generally fun to have around!