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    On 31-Aug-2014
    Subject:  Re: Aug 25-27 any camps available for a 6 yr old girl
    Comment:  Brooklyn Beanstalk has a cool circus camp that operates next week with openings. Perfect for both the OP 6 year old and the responding 9 year old.
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    On 26-Sep-2013
    Subject:  shout out for Brooklyn Beanstalk (french/spanish classes)
    Comment:  My daughter has been taking the toddler french classes at Brooklyn Beanstalk (in the Montessori school in Prospect Heights) for 3 semesters now. She also had their mini classes at her preschool for 2 years. They are starting a new semester next week so I thought I'd let parents know how great this program is! My daughter always comes out happy and excited about learning new French words or songs. There is a big focus on arts and crafts and storytelling and song, which keeps the kids engaged. And a great bonus: it's a drop off class so I can slip off to the coffee shop and read the morning paper :) For those of you looking to get some French or Spanish exposure to your young ones, and don't want to do a full time school (or don't get in!), Brooklyn Beanstalk is such a lovely program. I whole heartedly recommend! (I am not affiliated with the program directors in any way - I just think they are great !)
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    On 19-Jan-2013
    Subject:  Introducing young kids to second languages
    Comment:  Brooklyn Beanstalk offers great classes in Park Slope and Prospect Heights, both in French and Spanish.
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    On 14-Jul-2011
    Comment:  Both of my daughters loved the Spanish classes/playgroups offered at Brooklyn Beanstalk this year. My 6 year old looked forward to the Little Giants class every week, and came home with some amazing art projects and lots of new Spanish words in her vocabulary. The classes are very hands-on and center around different themes every semester, which to me seemed like a great way to expose the kids to a new language. My 2 year old also enjoyed the Little Seeds playgroup. The teachers were warm and engaging, and Sophie and Stephanie do a fantastic job of organizing and coordinating the programs. I was a little worried about how my kids would do with the immersion format since neither of them speak Spanish, but they had no trouble at all, thanks to the teachers' skill at making them feel comfortable. Highly recommended!
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    On 12-Jan-2011
    Comment:  Brooklyn beanstalk is a language immersion playgroup for babies and toddlers in french and spanish that I would highly recommend. See website www.brooklynbeanstalk.com My 19 month old and I loved the class. The teachers are very fun and interactive and change activities constantly to keep the children's interest. We sang songs, had movement activities, art projects, read books, played with a parachute, and all completely in the language. Many children were singing in spanish at the end of the class. They have locations in various brooklyn neighborhoods on different days. Check it out!