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    Brooklyn Bowl
    61 Wythe Avenue
    Zip Code:
    Under 21 only allowed Weekends, 12 - 6pm.

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    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 27-Feb-2012
    Subject:  2012 Birthday Party Survey
    Comment:  LIKES: The bowling was fun and the place exudes "cool" and this was definitely a plus with the tweens. Grownups can have a beer (not that we did - we were too tense about the party details). The food is good; the music is good. The staff was ok- not overly helpful but helpful enough. There's a nice "picnic" space with kid-size tables and where kids can run around (we only used that space to open the presents after the bowling was over, and to hang out while kids were being picked up). One present (a handmade crocheted bag) fell on the floor and got left behind. Somebody on staff found it and brought it to the office, and when I emailed about it the next day, I got a lovely email back with the good news from someone who works there and has a teenage daughter. She not only mailed us the lost present the next day, but also a Brooklyn Bowl t-shirt as an extra birthday present for my daughter, who was thrilled. What you'd change: There are a few things about the venue that made it less than ideal. - Children (or anyone under 21) are only admitted weekends, 12-6 pm - They don't take reservations for lanes, so to make sure we could get enough lanes for the party we told everyone to be there at opening time. This meant that we did feel a bit rushed, since the clock was ticking while we were still dealing with bowling shoes that didn't fit, latecomers joining in, etc. - You pay by the half hour (not by the game) - $20-25 depending on which day. - Staff are friendly helpful enough, but it's clear that birthday parties are not their bread and butter. We had to ask a lot of questions in order to figure out if a party was even doable. In the end it was a success, though a bit on the expensive side. Do you recommend (High Rec, Rec, Rec w/ Reservations, Do Not Rec)? Recommend