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    Sparkes Wellness


    Prefer to get sweaty in the comfort of your own space, on your own time schedule, with a trainer who’s going to encourage and uplift you? This program is for you!

    You’ll get a new 30min full body workout video each week that combines cardio & strength, high intensity interval training, and yoga so that you build strength, endurance, and flexibility.

    You’ll have modification videos with break-downs of the moves so you’ll never be confused, over 8 bonus videos, and a printable 21 day calendar so you’ll know exactly what to do on each day.

    Plus, all the content is downloadable on all your devices, so you can keep doing it even after the 21 days are over!


    $30 off The Tone & Tune UP Workout: an online fitness program you can do at home to transform your body in 30 min or less!

    Go to www.elysesparkes.com/21-ttu and use coupon code PSP30 at checkout.

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