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    Pilates Garage
    Pilates Garage
    291 8th Street
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    (718) 768-1235
    Park Slope

    Pilates Studio

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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 10-Nov-2019
    Subject:  Prenatal Exercise Classes?
    Comment:  I've been going to prenatal barre classes at Xtend for couple months now (I did regular barre during my first pregnancy but like that I don't have to make modifications in a prenatal class). I've also done prenatal pilates at BodyTonic (on 5th) and Aline Pilates in Carroll Gardens, but I like Xtend's classes a lot more. I hate that I have to take the R train there but it's worth it for now. Pilates Garage (in Gowanus) also has private prenatal classes but, to my knowledge, they're the only other studio in the area that offers prenatal pilates.I haven't been to her classes yet this pregnancy, but I love Lara at Bend and Bloom.
    Reviewed by
    On 12-Apr-2015
    Subject:  Re: ISO Post natal Pilates recommendations
    Comment:   I’d love to recommend Theresa at Pilates Garage. I worked with her starting at 4 months postpartum and I’m so glad I did! I found working with Theresa very useful, gentle, and productive. We went very slowly for what I could physically handle.(March 2015)
    Reviewed by
    On 07-Jun-2014
    Subject:  Re: [ANONYMOUS] Help! Pelvic organ prolapse
    Comment:  I don't know for sure if this would help, but perhaps look into private Pilates instruction with someone who works with post partum moms. Theresa at Pilates Garage does this; I'd ask her specifically about prolapse.
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 31-Dec-2013
    Subject:  Pilates classes
    Comment:  My husband loves the Pilates Garage on 3rd Ave!
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 30-Dec-2013
    Subject:  Re: Pilates classes
    Comment:  The Pilates Garage on 3rd ave and 8th street!! Highly recommended.
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 21-Apr-2013
    Subject:  Re: Pilates?
    Comment:  I go to Pilates Garage and they are terrific.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 12-May-2012
    Comment:  Pilates Garage (8th st. and 3rd Ave.) and we see Teresa. I like her a lot.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 13-Nov-2010
    Comment:  I highly recommend Mariel Auerbach mariel.auerbach@gmail.comShe is training in diastasis rehab and prevention (as well as regular pre- and post-natal pilates). She works at the Pilates Garage and does private sessions. She's trained in Julie Tupler's technique.