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    On 28-Jan-2014
    Subject:  birthday party venue review
    Comment:  We celebrated our daughter's 8th birthday at the Brooklyn Craft Farm and loved everything about the party. The parties are held at the Two Moon Cafe, which is a lovely space. Parents who wanted to stay were able to hang out in the cafe area while the kids crafted at a large table in the back. For the craft activities, our daughter chose the tote bag applique and felt charms. The kids enjoyed cutting out shapes from fabric and decorating their bags. The finished totes were really cute! Julie from Brooklyn Craft Farm is great to work with, very organized and quick to respond. We would definitely go back and would highly recommend BCF for parties.
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    On 07-Jun-2012
    Comment:  I want to give a shout out to a lovely business, the Brooklyn Craft Farm which hosted my son's birthday seventh party in April. The theme was "robot trash cans;" the kids decorated lidded trash cans to look like robots (they looked kinda R2D2), then took them home.Owners, Loulou and Julie were easy to plan with, and the price was very fair. For our party, they handled 11 kids, had lots of fun supplies, did all the set up/clean up, and supplied all plates, cups, cutlery, etc. (dishes were reusable, so they washed up too). They even came up with extra projects for the kids to do if they finished early, so there were no lulls. We supplied the food/drinks. The kids really had a great time.The venue is not overly large, they use space that is part of a furniture building studio, and can accomodate about 15 kids. They also do classes for adults and children, many of which look very tempting. Located on 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. http://www.brooklyncraftfarm.com/ (646)4503276.Happy crafting!
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    On 16-Jan-2012
    Comment:  I went to a party they hosted once, and it was a lot of fun. The one I did was for adults, but they would be fun with kids too. (December 2011)
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    On 02-Jun-2011
    Comment:  My daughter had an amazing party at Brooklyn Craft Farm for her 7th birthday. She requested a "monster-making party" and Brooklyn Craft Farm partners Loulou and Julie were totally accommodating, coming up with very creative ideas and even meeting with my daughter beforehand to discuss concepts. The kids made lunch bags, wallets, and monster masks, and were thrilled to take them home (in addition to the cute goody bags BCF provided). Everyone had a terrific time. Loulou and Julie were also very accommodating about scheduling, etc. If your child is artsy or craft-y Brooklyn Craft Farm is an ideal place for a party.
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    On 07-Dec-2010
    Comment:  My 8-year-old son and his pal had a joint birthday party at Brooklyn Craft Farm in October. It was FABULOUS! One girl not known for effusiveness declared it "the best party EVER." The two women who run the place, Julie and Loulou, were terrific both before and during the party. They helped us choose an appropriate craft project for the kids to do (making robots out of garbage cans) and were incredibly patient with us as we (two families, four grownups, lots of back & forth!) tried to coordinate it all beforehand. When we arrived at the studio, everything was all set up nicely for us. Julie and Loulou were clearly experienced as well as great with the kids, available to help out but only when wanted! They encouraged the kids to do their creative best and, more important, to have fun. They provided modest party favors (a spiderman pack with notebook, eraser, pencil and sharpener, I think), but the real favor was a wonderful, working garbage can to take home and actually use.I want to have MY birthday party there!
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    On 04-Jun-2010
    Comment:  My 7-year-old daughter and her friends LOVED the t-shirt decorating class at Brooklyn Craft Farm. We're hooked! The teaching is clear, friendly and supportive, and leaves lots of room for creative exploration. The t-shirts were amazing. I really liked the super-professional preparation - they had great tools and supplies (not the usual stuff) and took steps that I would never have thought of to make sure the project worked, like placing a protective sheet between the front and back of the t-shirt (to prevent paint bleeding through) and having boxes on hand so that t-shirts could go home to dry without getting messed up. Projects are not gender-specific, boys would definitely be into this too. I stayed for the first class since my 3-year-old wouldn't leave, but this is a drop-off class usually, and since it's 2 hours it's actually a useful hunk of time. (june, 2010)