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    Dr. Brendan Mac Repair

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    On 14-Nov-2015
    Subject:  Cracked iphone screen; Where to repair?
    Comment:  I cracked my phone twice in one week last year and this was the cheapest most convenient service I could find. They will come to you and fix it outside in their car!
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    On 04-May-2015
    Subject:  Re: Repairing cracked iphone screen
    Comment:  As a veteran screen repairer, I have used dr. Brendan's Mac repair. 9175445949They have the lowest price but best of all they will drive to you and fix your phone in front of you within 15 minutes.I have used them 5 times with my phone and have been happy all 5 times.4 times they drove me to me and 1 time I went to their east village location.(April 2015)
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 20-Apr-2013
    Subject:  Shout out for Dr. Brendan Mac/iPhone repair
    Comment:  I've been meaning to post this recommendation for a while, but now I have even more reason. My iPhone volume button randomly stopped working on Saturday and I walked in to Dr. Brendan on 5th Avenue (Lincoln/Berkeley) fearing the worst. They took care of it on the spot and refused to charge me. The guy at the desk said that because it was quick and didn't require parts, there was no charge. I have also had them swap iPhone screens (one broken on a functioning phone for one intact on a dead phone)and overhaul two laptops. Their prices are reasonable, they are extremely friendly, and they do great work.
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    On 21-Mar-2013
    Subject:  Shout out for Dr.Brendan (mac repair)
    Comment:  I went over to Dr Brendan today to get my iPhone fix and the workers where so nice and generous. They had three other repairs in front of me but because I had my three screaming kids they took me right away. I just wanted to give them a huge shout out for being so caring for my inpatient kids!They fix all apple products, do transfers from old to new and they can also help you set up your new computers!Dr Brendan is located on 5th ave between lincoln and berkeley.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 02-Oct-2012
    Subject:  change iphone glass?
    Comment:  Depends if it is the front or back, but I have had good luck with Dr Brendan.July 2012
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    On 14-Mar-2012
    Comment:  iPhone repair?Commonly asked question, most common reply - drbrendan.comWe have used them for broken glass. Assume they can help with milky button – they will be able to tell you right away – they do the repairs while you wait. They are getting bigger by the minute so the wait may be getting longer.(Feb 2012)
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    On 06-Feb-2012
    Comment:  Dr.Brendan opened an office in Park Slope I think, I used to go to their East Village location, Iphone good as new with new screen. I has also tried the cheaper chinatown locations, but the screens were fake and too thick, I would invest more in getting a good repair.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 03-Jan-2012
    Comment:  Recommended without full review, November 2011