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    Park Slope Music Lessons - Andrew Ingkavet
    Park Slope Music Lessons - Andrew Ingkavet
    114 Garfield Place
    (347) 788-0101
    Park Slope


    Since 2007, we've sparked wonder, joy and life skills through music for children.
    We begin with children as young as 3 and 4 years old, grounding them in the basics of keyboard skills, music theory, harmony, solfége, rhythm and reading music. The instruments range from piano/keyboard to guitar, ukulele, strumstick, dulcimer, recorder and basic percussion.

    Music is a universal gift! And it’s been proven to improve brain development in kids to the tune of one entire academic year. That’s like skipping a whole grade by taking music lessons!

    But how is it possible to teach in a way that everyone understands regardless of age or ability?

    We use color to do this in a way that’s simple, intuitive and direct.

    Kids learn a song in the first 5 minutes of their first lesson. And they feel fantastic! What a boost of confidence!

    This method is called the Musicolor Method and it has been proven all over the world. Want to see it in action? Click the Get Started button to book a call. We’ll match a teacher with your child to come to your home for two trial lessons. We’re certain you’ll see and hear magical results and want to continue.


    $50 off trial lessons

    Please let us know you are a PSP member when booking your trial lesson

    Review and Rating

    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 18-Nov-2019
    Subject:  2019 Review
    Comment:  My daughter has been taking piano at Park Slope Music Lessons for the past five years. That in itself is a testament to how much she enjoys the lessons. Her teacher, Andrew, is adept at striking a balance between learning and having fun. He really knows how to engage and connect with his students. He is full of encouragement, endlessly patient, and clearly passionate about music. My daughter's piano skills have flourished along with her self confidence in public performance through the school's twice yearly recitals. We feel lucky to have found such a wonderful teacher and highly recommend Park Slope Music Lessons.