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    JOHN CARLSON - Trumpet
    (347) 526-5282

    John Carlson has been an integral part of Maine Jazz Camp for many years. In addition to his phenomenal musicianship both as a trumpeter and jazz improviser, he is a dedicated and skilled teacher/educator who connects naturally and easily with his students. I enthusiastically give him my highest recommendation! Christine Correa jazz vocalist, Director of Maine Jazz Camp faculty at Columbia University

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    On 07-Jul-2013
    Subject:  Re: Trumpet teacher/band recommendations?
    Comment:   cannot recommend John Carlson more highly for trumpet. My 10 year old son is has recently picked up trumpet- this teacher is amazing. If you could interest your son in singing- which is great for trumpet- the Brooklyn Youth Chorus is great- and I'd love to see more boys in it so my son will stick with it. John is hooked up with the Brooklyn Youth Orchestra and he can tell you about that now or in time- should that be of interest. Should any teacher out there wants to start a band/group this summer I bet there are some of us who would join. Of course it would be hard with different levels...but it would be interesting to explore creating-