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    On 10-Apr-2014
    Subject:  Shout out for a music teacher
    Comment:  Our piano teacher, Chris Kaufman, has been working with our kids for years. He comes to the house and does a weekly lesson. Our older son worked with him on piano for years and now that he is in 6th grade Chris works on clarinet with him. He started my daughter's piano lessons when she was 4.I think he is pretty traditional in his lessons. He has an interesting philosophy that he requires a steady 5-10 minutes of daily practice, which is much more realistic in our house than a 30 minute practice. He says it is the number of practices that matters to him. He'd prefer many short practices - like taking a break during homework - over trying unrealistically to fit in 30 minutes and not getting around to it.Each December and each June he does a "living room concert" where he has his 5-6 of his students' families get together at someone's house to do a concert for the parents. I love that because it puts enough pressure on the kids to get them to master several songs, but does not require a major outing to a concert hall somewhere. The concerts twice a year are great times to track the progress the kids are making!(March 2014)
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    On 09-Jan-2013
    Subject:  Re: Looking for a new piano teacher
    Comment:  We have been working with Chris Kaufman for a few years now and I recommend him highly. He comes to our home once a week and a couple times a year he organizes recitals with 8-10 kids at a time at one of the parent's homes. He is easy to work with and has really helped our son develop his piano playing. He will suggest good classical pieces to work on but is also open to letting kids work on pieces that interest them like rock songs or movie themes. He encourages improvisation and kid's own compositions. As my son has gotten older Chris sometimes gets into teaching about music theory and history of music and composers.