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    Jill Hoefs - Body Align P.T.
    Jill Hoefs - Body Align P.T.
    32 Union Square E
    New York
    Zip Code:
    (646) 328-2525
    Union Square

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    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 17-Jan-2019
    Subject:  PT recommendation?
    Comment:  Jill Hoeff at Body Align. it's in union square. She is amazing and has changed my life!!
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 18-Jun-2012
    Comment:  I can highly recommend Jill Hoefs from Body Align P.T. in Union Square. They do take insurance but it's all out of network for them. I had luckily met my deductible already, so mine is being covered for a small co-pay. Jill is certified in the Tupler Technique...you know, Julie Tupler's Lose Your Mummy Tummy.She taught me isometric exercises and had me wear an abdominal splint, a wrap around compression garment. You're supposed to wear it 24/7 and I can say that it really did make a big difference for me.I'm still at it...definitely not bikini ready yet, but I'm seeing amazing improvement and really, it's all about how much you can do. The results are in proportion to the effort you (have time) to make. Paramount to this technique is NOT doing all of the traditional kind of abdominal exercises we think of as good for toning the abdominals, including some yoga, anything on hands and knees, bicycle crunches, any other crunches, most pilates, and things that separate the diastasis even more, like jack-knifing out of bed, and coughing very hard.In case it matters to you, you should be prepared to buy two splints over the time you see her. I went down a size. Each one is $48. (May 2012)