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    Windsor Physical Therapy
    Windsor Physical Therapy
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    On 11-Apr-2015
    Subject:  Re: Podiatrist/foot doctor recommendation?
    Comment:   Sorry to hear about your husband. The podiatrist I've seen for a recent fall (resulting in a severe heel bruise, ankle cyst formation and plantar fasciitis) was fine (more on her below), but what has helped a great deal more has been my physical therapy sessions with Windsor Physical Therapy. I've gone from not being able to take a step without severe pain to running every other day again. I still have pain at certain times during the day but am really pleased with how far I've come in the past 5-6 weeks. I also have the tools now to cope with flare-ups and continue to work on my own until and beyond when everything subsides.They are on 15th street and 8th avenue. My therapist is Adrian. You will need a referral from a physician. The podiatrist who gave me the referral (and referred me for the MRI that finally isolated the cause of the issue) was Dr. Shazia Amar. I was grateful that she sent me in the right direction, though her efforts to alleviate the pain with medication and a cortisone shot did not prove to be sufficient. I will still go back to her for a follow up when my physical therapy sessions have ended.Good luck and great sympathy to your husband. Foot pain is really a whole other level.
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    On 10-Mar-2013
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