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    Dr. Anna Barbieri
    Mt. Sinai and Columbus Ave & 90th Street

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    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 04-Dec-2012
    Comment:  I delivered at Mount Sinai almost a year ago. I was really happy with the practice I used. Drs. Chen, Morgan, Barbieri and Jackson. While I did end up having a c-section, they let me labor for about 40 hours and would have let me go longer (and it was 2 days for Christmas). They were really respectful and managed things so that I didn't have to be induced.I was also very happy with Mount Sinai.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 20-Dec-2010
    Comment:  I delivered at Mt. Sinai four months ago. My OB was Dr. Anna Barbieri. The week I delivered, she left the Mt. Sinai Faculty Practice for a private practice called Westside OB/GYN. She continues to deliver at Mt. Sinai. Her office is at Columbus Ave & 90th Street and the phone number is 212-580-3866. We had a traumatic experience with our first pregnancy and needed hand-holding as we attempted to get pregnant again. That was when we found Dr. Barbieri. She was wonderful and pleasant and really took care of us.