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    Ashley Roman, MD - NYU (High risk OB GYN)
    Ashley Roman, MD - NYU (High risk OB GYN)
    550 First Avenue, Suite 7N

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    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 26-Jan-2016
    Subject:  Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey
    Comment:  REVIEW: Amazing Doctor, delightful person. INSURANCE United, no problems
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 07-Apr-2013
    Subject:  Re: [ANONYMOUS] CVS with Dr. Wapner or others?
    Comment:   I had a CVS last May and all fetal monitoring done at Carnegie Imaging for Women (South location) --http://www.chifw.comDr. Roman performed my CVS. I thought she and all other techs and MDs were great. They take United Health Care. My Ob/gyn provided a referral.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 06-Dec-2012
    Comment:  I would recommend Dr. Ashley Roman. She was my Dr. for my first pregnancy and I really liked her. The only reason I did not see her for the second is because I went to midwives the second time around as that was more appropriate at that time