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    Michael Raffinan, MD
    Michael Raffinan, MD
    3 8th Ave., Ground Floor (Lincoln/Berkeley)
    Zip Code:
    Park Slope

    He sees people in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Here is Manhattan information: MANHATTAN 150 Broadway(Liberty/Maiden Lane) 16th Floor, #1601 New York, New York 10038-4345 212.537.5039

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    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 23-Jul-2016
    Subject:  Re: [PSP] ISO holistically minded brooklyn md who takes, Magnacare PPO
    Comment:  We see Dr. Michael Raffinan, who has closed his PS office, but is easily accessible at his Wall Street location. He's a wonderful doc and a wonderful guy, he doesn't usually run too late, and he advocates vitamins, exercise and dietary changes before medication. He takes quite a few insurances; you'll have to call the office to find out about yours.
    Reviewed by
    On 10-May-2015
    Subject:  Re: ISO: Male Gen. Practictioner
    Comment:  Dr Michael Raffinan is great. Both my husband and I see him. His office is in Lower Manhattan w easy subway access - he closed his other PS office a few years ago. Besides being very present and thinking holistically at appointments and helpful when my husband was briefly hospitalized he answers questions and refill requests very promptly via his web portal.(Reviewed April 2015)
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 30-Dec-2013
    Subject:  Re: [PSP] Good PCP in Brooklyn
    Comment:  Michael Raffinan, MD, is an excellent PCP located in Wall St area, very accessible to the slope. I use him for myself and my 8-yr old. I've also referred several of my patients to him over the past 5 years. All experiences have been good, except it used to be several months to see him as a new patient when he had two offices. He used to have an additional office in Park Slope but closed it earlier this year. I'm sure one office helps him to simplify logistics in the office and cut costs. I'm a psychologist and originally heard about him from a happy mutual patient.
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 27-Sep-2013
    Subject:  ISO Female GP for patient on SSRI's
    Comment:  Dr. Michael Raffinan is wonderful for exactly this. He is a holistic practitioner but also understands the benefits of SSRIs. He's no longer in Brooklyn, but in the Financial District in manhattan, so not very far.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 28-Nov-2011
    Comment:  I just saw Dr. Michael Raffinan and he was excellent. He addressed all of my health concerns and then we discussed strategies to reach my optimal health. He spent a full hour with me and was very attentive. (July 2011)
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 03-Oct-2011
    Comment:  On the past recommendation of some PSP folks I just went to see Dr. Michael Raffinan and absolutely loved the whole experience. I went for a physical and was in and out within 45 minutes including bloodwork - but the whole process was efficient, not rushed. Dr. Raffinan was very attentive and thoughtful and gave me some useful recommendations. (May 2011)
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 14-Feb-2011
    Comment:  I'll second (or third, or fourth!) that. Dr. Raffinan is great! Recently I had something that required me to get to see him at the last minute - he thought it was something that he should check out. I got to his office and he said "we've been waiting for you, come on in!" And he's great about answering via e-mail. It's really nice to have that system in place. Great medical care from him all the way around, and I like the fact that he's really open to eastern medicine/alternative treatments too.Jan 2011
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 14-Feb-2011
    Comment:  we love Dr. Raffinan at 33 8th Ave (between lincoln and berkley). he is kind, listens, responds to questions and above all provides great medical care. he is very accessible via e-mail, has an office also in manhattan and we rarely have to wait to see him (5 - 10 minutes maybe before we are in a room). he is a family practitioner and we all see him - my partner, myself and our 17 mo. we recently switched from dr. schwartzburt (a family practitioner who tends towards homeopathic) when she left on maternity leave and although we were really happy with the care she provided, we are very happy with Dr. Raffinan. when we were looking for a dr., at least 5 people suggested dr. Raffinan and we've been super happy.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 07-Dec-2010
    Comment:  My husband and I both see and love Dr. Michael Raffinan. He was the most thorough doctor I've ever seen, and he really gets to the heart of your life and lifestyle and different ways they might impact your health. After the exam I walked away with specific recommendations (printed out!) for preventive measures that were totally customized to me, as did my husband (but his were completely different from mine). I recommend him without reservation.You'd have to ask about bringing the child. I brought mine when I got my flu shot, but that was a quick exam (vitals) and shot, not a full exam. But the office is pretty laid back, so I think it's a good bet.Also here's his website, if you're interested in reading about his philosophy and such:http://www.raff.yourmd.com/