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    Rachel Koenig

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    On 19-Jul-2015
    Subject:  Re: [ANONYMOUS] Extended bleeding after a miscarriage
    Comment:   I can second the recommendation for Rachel Koenig for fertility related acupuncture and just general healing - and confirm that her address is 437 77th Street because I live across the street from her now - she used to be in center Slope and may still have hours at a 2nd location but I’m not sure. She’s a good friend of friends of mine who are oha-shiatsu practitioners so also healers (who I can recommend in their own right, both of them are based in Union Square area and one does house calls in Brooklyn and helped me through my pregnancy) and a lovely person.
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    On 09-Jan-2013
    Subject:  Re: Acupuncturist for kids
    Comment:  I HIGHLY recommend Rachel Koenig, who specializes in pediatric acupuncture (starting with babies), as well as women's issues, as well as treating the whole family. Many reviews on the PSP website, including mine. She magically helped my son during some very troubled years, and was helpful to the rest of our family as well. Her office recently moved to Bay Ridge, right off the R train on Wednesdays - Saturdays. She also practices one day a week on Tuesdays in Park Slope out of Bodycraft's new space on 9th Street near Prospect Park West.
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    On 30-May-2012
    Comment:  The amazing Rachel Koenig, family acupuncturist who specializes in pediatrics (starting with babies) as well as fertility issues, but is great with many other things, practices right here in the Slope on 7th Street below 5th Avenue. She's already difficult to get a first appointment with, and I'm sure this post won't help that situation, but she significantly helped turn things around for my son when he had some very troubled years. I have seen her do the same for the rest of my family, as well as other young people and adults of all ages. She's listed on the PSP website.(April 2012)
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    On 20-Dec-2010
    Comment:  Recommended August 2010, without full review.