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    Creative Memories - Stacey Sarnicola

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    On 21-Jun-2013
    Subject:  Re: ISO scrapbook recommendations
    Comment:  I'd recommend getting in touch with Stacy Sarnicola, who has a scrapbooking business and runs workshops out of her home. She helped me make a beautiful and treasured scrapbook a few years ago.
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    On 28-Jun-2011
    Comment:  I second the recommendation for Stacey. I was in exactly the same boat three years ago, when I was pregnant with child #2. Stacey held my hand through the whole process and created a simple and elegant wedding album. We also did a scrapbook of child #1 -- which started out as a huge bag of random photos. She's very patient and reasonably priced, too. She just has a real passion and talent for scrapbooks.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 28-Jun-2011
    Comment:  Stacey Sarnicola is the person you need! She's a public school teacher who has a scrap-booking business on the side. She's been at it for years and does her work the old fashioned way with regular photos and a scrap book or digitally. She just created a scrap book for an anniversary party we attended and everyone loved it!Her email is cmcstacey@verizon.net