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    Angela Schwartz, PsyD
    Angela Schwartz, PsyD
    83 8th Avenue, Ground Fl
    Zip Code:
    Park Slope


    Licensed Psychologist (Children/Adolescents/Families)

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    On 17-Oct-2015
    Subject:  [ANONYMOUS] Therapist for 13-year-old
    Comment:  Angela Schwartz is a licensed psychologist with offices in Park Slope and downtown Brooklyn. She specializes in family systems therapy, meaning that she will want to work with the parents as well as the child. Her belief is that we are all part of family systems and that to effectively help a child, there needs to be understanding of the family, how people relate to one another, respond to problems, etc. We are seeing her for our 9-year-old daughter who is having problems managing anxiety. We have only seen her a few times but she comes highly recommended and I find her to be intelligent, a good listener, and direct. She will see the parents first and talk to them and then see the kid/s in separate sessions, so your daughter will be assessed individually.FYI, the person who recommended her to me is a friend who is also a clinical psychologist. He sent his teen age son to her, to help him cope following the parents' divorce (my friend and his now ex-wife). They all found her to be very helpful.
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    On 10-Mar-2013
    Comment:  Recommended by PSP Member without review