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    Art of Parenting

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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 09-Sep-2019
    Subject:  Child psychologist
    Comment:  My kid has been seeing art therapist Sara Rothstein for years and we are finally seeing progress. He doesn’t bottle up his emotions as much. She has worked with him to help him sleep better. He has tools to process his emotions and to better express himself.It’s frustrating to me that therapy is such a long process, but grateful to have found someone who is helping our son through the aftermath of divorce. It’s hard to trust the process.The upside to art therapy is that even when you don’t feel your kid is making progress, at least they are learning something new! My son went through a slime phase, has learned to sew (this has become his passion), and now they are working with clay.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 26-May-2011
    Comment:  I'd like to recommend Art of Parenting, a local business that provides a unique method of support to parents. I have been part of a therapy group there for several months. I find the care and support and commraderie to be a wonderful alternative to traditional individual therapy. Common universal challenges that parents face are given space and time for discussion and exploration. One of the special compontents of this group, though, is that art-making is used as a tool for further expression and examination of feelings and experiences. As a parent who has lost the inspiration/time/space to make art at home on a regular basis, this has been a most welcome allowance. The group welcomes participants with any or no background in art, and the open studio style allows for great creative freedom. Sara and Maria, who co-facilitate the group, are wonderfully intuitive, thoughtful, and thorough therapists.On a practical level, I have found the experience to be so convenient as a parent. While my time and pocket don't allow me to see a therapist for individual treatment, I feel so fortunate to have this group, guided by gifted therapists, that meets near my home, in the evening, for a very reasonable rate.