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    Kari Groff, MD
    Kari Groff, MD
    Park Slope
    Park Slope

    From Dr. Groff to PSP on Yahoo. as of Jan 2011:
    \"At this time, I am not in-network with insurance plans and work with patients to submit for out of network benefits if their plan provides this.\"

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    On 08-Jun-2020
    Subject:  Need therapist for anxiety and ADD for 10-year-old
    Comment:  This happened to my daughter as well, you are not alone. After numerous visits to all sorts of doctors/specialists, we came to the anxiety conclusion paired with inattentive adhd (which sounds like what your child might have). We ended up seeing Dr Kari Groff and after much deliberation, decided to put her on anxiety meds, which seem to sort of work. It’s not hurting though! Dr Groff then suggested we see one of her pediatric nurses (Andrea) who we see every few weeks for medication management and it has been great. Along with the anxiety meds, we also decided adhd meds, which balance out the effects of the anxiety meds, yes - we went from “should we Medicate” to ALL IN and it’s been a positive experience for my daughter (and the rest of the family). Hang in there, it does get better.