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    Mark Ryan LCSW

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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 27-Feb-2020
    Subject:  Need parenting coach/therapist
    Comment:  I have two therapists I love: Mark Ryan for my son and Beryl Nightingale for my daughter. They both have been a huge support to us all as a family. Middle school was tough for both my kids, and they individually struggle with anxiety and depression. In my experience, it can be tough to find someone with availability. I had to make a million phone calls, and then we had to be patient to wait for a spot to open up. I do recommend meeting with a therapist before your child does to see if you even think they might be a fit for you and your family. There are all different kids of therapists, and it's almost like finding a the right partner. (November 2019)
    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 30-Sep-2017
    Subject:  [ANONYMOUS] ISO recommendation for therapist for kids
    Comment:  Mark Ryan is amazing with boys. He has been working with my son relating to divorce and, over our long journey, he's obviously touched on other regular developmental issues too. If he can't help, he'll know who can.
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 30-Jul-2016
    Subject:  Re: [ANONYMOUS] Therapist for tween boy
    Comment:  Mark Ryan in north/center slope is amazing. I found him through Dr. Jaglom who seems to be the park slope "go to" therapist. My son sees a therapist because of my divorce from his father, so I can't speak to mark's expertise in the issue you describe but he is phenomenal with my 9.5 year old and I rely on his insights and support more than I can describe. My son's father and I went to meet him together, then we each started seeing him separately and now I go about once a month while my son sees him weekly. He works occasional Sundays.Boys seem to just take to him, from what I can tell from others I've referred to him. Warning, he's 6'6" but warm and easy to talk to!
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 07-Feb-2011
    Comment:  (Review: Feb 2011) My 10-year-old son has been seeing Mark Ryan for two years now, and with Mark's help my son has grown into a calmer, happier, more flexible person during that time. Tantrums and incessant fighting with his little brother have all but disappeared, and I now see a more confident, loving kid marching out of Mark's office every week. Mark has offered clear insight and intelligent and caring guidance to help our son and family through some difficult patches. In addition, to helping my son with his moods, Mark has also helped my husband and I to find the better parents within ourselves. He is relaxed, open, nonjudgmental, and a great communicator. We have become a much happier family with his help! INSURANCE: not sure -- We file monthly reimbursement claims with our insurance provider, which pays 70% of the cost.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 07-Feb-2011
    Comment:  Older Children (pre-teens) Younger Children Teens Adults (individual therapy) Families (Review: Feb 2011) My 1st grader saw him for 20 sessions. He's caring and intelligent, mainly uses play therapy. The sessions were lively and fun for my son, and seemed to help him diffuse some of his anxiety at the time. However, some of his issues (school difficulties, adhd) didn't seem to be impacted, and now we are going for more adhd-targeted therapy (different modality). Still I would recommend this therapist. INSURANCE: He will fill out a bill that can be submitted for insurance. I think he does take some insurance.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 22-Dec-2010
    Comment:  Recommended without full review(March, 2010).