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    New York Chess & Games

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    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 05-Apr-2017
    Subject:  Re: ISO: chess class for 7 yo
    Comment:  I'd recommend Chess & Games, right across the street from Barclay's Center and convenient to the Atlantic Avenue stop. My son learned how to play chess there, and it got him excited about playing. He has done afterschool and day chess camps there. (It's open when public schools are closed for day camps.) They do a great job of making chess fun and keeping kids engaged. (They separate beginners from intermediate and advanced players.)On full day camps, they need to do more to get kids outside -- the St. Marks playground is just over a block away but they don't always make it. If that's important to you, mention it when you drop off.
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    On 24-Sep-2015
    Subject:  Review from 2015 Summer Camp Survey
    Comment:  Age of Child: 8 Likes: very stimulating, nice crew of kids What would you change? candy given out as snacks Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Highly recommend Do you have any other information to add? This camp understands the working parent--it goes until 6 p.m. every day without extra cost. It is very convenient and the instructors are knowledgeable. Great camp.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 09-Oct-2012
    Comment:  I'd like to add New York Chess and Game, on Flatbush across from the Barclay's Arena. They have a terrific program and offer mini-camp for every holiday. (They also offer a PSP discount).
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 24-Aug-2011
    Comment:  Age: - 7What did you/your child like about the summer camp? My daughter already knew the basic rules of chess, but in one week of camp at NY Chess & Game, she became a very strong and passionate player. The counselors are very attentive and the focus is on teaching. In addition to chess, they play Monopoly and other board games, as well as Wii. She loved it.What would you change about the program? They watch a movie every day after lunch. My daughter considered this a real treat, but it's not my idea of the best way for kids to spend a beautiful summer afternoon. In fact, although they claim to visit the playground regularly, the only time they really seem to go outside is on Fridays, when they do a field trip. Also, there is some competition, with trophies going to the winners. In my view, it's ok -- important even -- for kids to learn that you win some and lose some, but it can be a painful lesson for children (like mine) who are used to equal treatment and being praised for everything. Finally, there's a pronounced gender imbalance at this camp. While my daughter was never the only girl, and I was pleased to see a couple of female counselors, it's very boy-oriented at an age when kids tend to self-segregate by sex. That said, my daughter got along well with the other kids and had fun.Will you send your child back to this summer camp program next year? (Or would you if you could?) YesWould you recommend this program to other parents for their child in the future? Recommend
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 11-Aug-2011
    Comment:  I've been meaning to do a review of this camp but I keep forgetting. My almost 6 year old son is enrolled for a few weeks this summer and he LOVES it. He started teaching us what he learned on the first day of camp- and it continues. We play chess together often and we are thrilled with how quickly he is picking up the game of chess. He asked to go to their after school as well so we are signing him up for that for the Fall.The owner, Mr. Christian, and the staff are all friendly, professional and relate to the kids well. There are around 20-25 kids each day and they're all engaged with chess, other board games, computer chess games or what have you during drop off time.During the day there's a nice mix of focused chess lessons, chess practice and free play. The space is comfortable, with jazz or some other nice quiet music playing, and it's air conditioned. They also take a field trip on Fridays. They've been to the Brooklyn Children's Museum, the NY aquarium and the Brooklyn Museum over the past few weeks.In the interest of full disclosure, I work for a non profit that manages five day cares and we have contracted NY Chess and Games to teach chess to our 4 year olds. The children, teachers and parents are extremely pleased with the program so far and we will be continuing this coming academic year.I encourage you and your son stop in to speak with Mr. Christian or any of the employees so you can get a sense for yourself.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 11-Aug-2011
    Comment:  My daughter Lily and I took Mommy & Me chess lessons here when she was 5, and when she was 6, she did some afterschool sessions and a week of summer camp. Although she's moved on to other interests this year, she got a lot out of her time at the shop -- she developed real chess skills. The staff was enthusiastic and supportive of the kids, at all levels of play. Occasionally, the scene was a little more chaotic than Lil was used to, but I chalk that up to the first year of getting a kid-focused business up and running: from what I've seen, they're hitting their stride. And their prices are more reasonable than most of the Slope camps.