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    Kristin Reale
    Kristin Reale
    138 W. 25th Street, Suite 625
    New York,
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    On 22-Aug-2015
    Subject:  Review for PSP website
    Comment:  I want to give an unreserved and enthusiastic recommendation for Kristin Reale, whom my wife and I see for couples therapy. She is compassionate and unusually insightful, and she has been able to listen to both of us and help us to communicate better and to understand, repair, and strengthen our relationship. She has also been able to provide excellent advice about parenting our two young children, which we have applied with great results (she is a mom of two young kids herself). My family is so fortunate to have been referred to Kristin by another therapist, and so much happier as a result!
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    On 15-Mar-2012
    Comment:  Type of Therapy: psychotherapy Location:Brooklyn Heights Sex of Therapist: F Client Base: Older Children (pre-teens), Younger Children, Teens, Adults (individual therapy), Couples, Special Needs the therapist meets? REVIEW: I recommend Kristin Reale without reservation. She is among the most empathic, perceptive, and warm people I have every met, and is an extremely insightful therapist. She is equally competent and supportive in crisis as with challenges of everyday life. Insurance Issues: I am not sure about her policy with insurance