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    Reviewed by 2021Review
    On 20-Sep-2021
    Subject:  Looking for someone (or some place?) to help me buy new work clothes
    Comment:  I highly recommend Bridgette Raes, https://www.bridgetteraes.com/. She is based in Brooklyn but can work virtually. I do not love shopping and used to spend days (pre-pandemic) going to stores and coming home empty-handed and full of frustration. After working with Bridgette, I can walk into any store, identify exactly what will and won't look good on me, try it on, and take it home if it fits. Her advice also gave me the confidence to buy clothing (not just shoes) online. Shopping will not likely ever be a chore I enjoy, but now I spend way less time and money doing it, and get way more compliments. After working with Bridgette, you will know what colors, patterns, and styles work best (and which you may want to avoid) for your figure and coloring. Hiring Bridgette is easily one of the smartest decisions I've made.