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    Summer Bootcamp: Get in Shape for the 2021-2022 School Year!
    57 7th Avenue apt. 4R
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    "Studies have proven that summer recess leads to a slide in student performance from June to September. This, compounded with the negative impacts of COVID, has many of us concerned about where our students are versus where they should be academically. While data is still trickling in, early studies have found that students have paid a heavy price in lost learning. We have a plan to combat this achievement gap and get your student in shape for the 2020-21 school year!

    Our goal is to provide a fun, educational two-week experience in August, during which students will review material from the previous school year and get a head-start on skills they will need for the next grade level. We will strengthen foundational skills, practice critical thinking, and build vocabulary- all while helping your student develop strong organizational strategies. Small groups of no more than 4 students per instructor guaranteed. Please see the above flier for more information.

    As we begin to plan we would love to get your feedback with this brief survey. Please forward to anyone that may be interested!

    ABOUT US: Jenna and Josh are both professional educators with 17+ years of experience teaching all core subjects (Math, Science, English, and History) at the middle school and high school level. We specialize in individualized education and strive to create a learning experience that addresses the needs and interests of each individual.

    PRICING: The program will run for 2 weeks, Monday-Thursday. Each day students will engage in two hours total of math and literacy work. Pricing $200/day per student, with an available 20% sibling discount.

    We will also be providing an optional additional hour (at just $60) of S.T.E.A.M. fun, during which students will work with a group to design and perform experiments, analyze data, and learn how to represent their findings."


    10% off full price when mentioning Park Slope parents in their e-mail body.

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