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    GOLD Comedy
    Park Slope



    GOLD Comedy is the all-inclusive comedy world centering young (and young-ish) women and non-binary folks. Our online courses, live Q&As with comedy celebs and pros, open mics and public performances—all in a super-nice community—help you:

    - Get the skills to create today’s most relevant forms of comedy
    - Hone and express your true point of view
    - Learn to think faster and write sharper
    - Explore career paths in the comedy world
    - Smash perfectionism and crank up confidence
    - Collaborate, mentor, hang out, nerd out, and bond over comedy in a safe, supportive, ad-free space

    All included with annual membership, and no need to wear shoes!


    Join the GOLD Comedy Club and receive a free book by a female/non-binary comedy icon!

    -Discount only valid with proof of membership
    -First-time customers only

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    Reviewed by 2021Review
    On 06-May-2021
    Subject:  Stay Tuned!
    Comment:  This business is a Park Slope Parents Perks Provider. Stay tuned for reviews!