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    Child's Play NY
    81 Prospect St
    Zip Code:
    (347) 406-2177
    Downtown Brooklyn

    We believe that through the theatrical arts, children build confidence, compassion and creativity.  Children are empowered as they live inside of stories and characters and develop their skills as an actor.  Our mission is to inspire young people to explore the creative process in order to become engaged participants in their world.  Child’s Play NY offers weekly school-year classes, summer intensives and in-school residencies.  Young people learn the craft of acting and in doing so, cultivate self-expression and artistry. The jubilant energy of imagination is explored in a supportive and nurturing environment. All classes taught by professional performers and teaching artists

    Shakespeare Players

    Shakespeare becomes engaging and fun in this  classical conservatory.  Voice and Speech, Text, Commedia dell Arte and Stage Combat are key components of the workshop.  Students rehearse an abridged version of Hamlet  adapted especially for Child’s Play NY with a performance on the last day of class.  Jocelyn Greene teaches with assistance from other guest artists.  All teaching artists are classically trained professional actors with credits from The Public Theater/NY Shakespeare Festival, Shakespeare Theater of DC and Broadway.

    ages 6-10
    Sundays, 4-5:30
    St Francis College Theater
    180 Remsen, Brooklyn Heights
    January 22-April 29th


    Fairy Tale Improv

    Brush off your crown and practice your roar!  Let’s discover what happens between “Once upon a time” and “Happily ever after” as we adapt our favorite classic and contemporary fairy tales.

    ages 3-5
    Wednesdays 3:30pm-4:30pm
    160 Montague Street (Yoga People)
    Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn
    January 25 – May 2


    Magical Travels

    From the land of the dinosaurs to outer space, we adventure across worlds and even travel through time! Join us as we use theater to explore cultures and characters in history, science and nature.

    ages 3-5
    Thursdays 3:30pm-4:30pm

    389 Court Street
    Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

    January 19 – May 3rd




    Review and Rating

    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 10-Nov-2019
    Subject:  Fall theater program
    Comment:  I recommend Child's Play NY. They have spots throughout Brooklyn for different age groups. Both of my children have worked with them. My son did Seussical in 4th grade. He had never done a musical before and was cast in the lead role (and we learned he could carry a tune really well!). My daughter was in Willy Wonka in 1st grade and discovered that she prefers to be backstage and not have any lines or be on stage at all. :) That said, as a person in theater myself, I found the exercises that they did with the kids to be great and age appropriate. Sometimes they were a little ambitious with the choreography they expected of the littlest ones but I think your 7th grader would be fine.
    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 04-Sep-2017
    Subject:  Review from the 2017 PSP Summer Camp Survey
    Comment:  The camp was absolutely amazing. My son is a BIG introvert and came out of his shell. They changed some formats to get him to feel comfortable and adjusted to each individuals needs.If you could change anything, what would it be? That they don't serve snacks. in a 3 hour time frame it is really not needed, if they do want to serve something they should keep it with apples. They were great about allergies though!Age of child: 3Based on a Summer 2017 experience
    Reviewed by
    On 23-Dec-2014
    Subject:  2014 Summer Camp Review
    Comment:  Like: The Snow Queen theme was perfect for my Frozen-obsessed child; they had at least 4-5 counselors every day; counselors were also very energetic and kept the 4-5 year old active and entertained.Change: Wish it was an all-day program but it may have been too much for my 4 1/2 year old...Would you send again? YesDo you recommend? Highly recommend(reviewed September 2014)
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 06-Jan-2012
    Comment:  I can heartily second this recommedation. My daughter had drama camp with Jocelyn at child's play this summer and it was a wonderful experience!
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 06-Jan-2012
    Comment:  Just wanted to give a shout out for a great theater class for kids 6-10. They learn and perform a Shakespeare play, and this coming term they will be performing Hamlet. My son was Macbeth in August and it was a great experience. They learned so much and put on an incredible performance.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 04-Jun-2010
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 04-Jun-2010
    Comment:  I highly recommend Child's Play summer workshops! My five-year-old daughter has been taking classes with Jocelyn who runs the program for the last year, including a summer workshop last summer. She has adored the classes! She brings what she learns home as she incorporates the whole family into her "shows" with us each getting a turn to make up part of the story and then acting it all out. It has been such a wonderful way to encourage her imagination as well as develop other theatre concepts. I have particularly noticed how Jocelyn is able to get all the children in the class involved and enthusiastic in the class so that everyone has a great time. We have been thrilled with these classes!(june, 2010)