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    Brooks Borden Tutor
    Park Slope



    I am a tutor with experience from third grade math to middle school writing and the SATs.

    I have two goals for my students: to have confidence and process so they enjoy learning, and to forget they are in a tutoring session so we experience new concepts and abilities within the rhythm of our interaction. Since April, I have taught only on Zoom, and I maximize its tools to keep my students engaged in the one-on-one setting.

    I grew up in London and New York, and I went to Friends Seminary for high school and Boston College as an English Major. I'm an actor, lifelong athlete and sports fan, classically trained cellist, old-film buff, and acclaimed home-cook.

    Please reach out to schedule a conversation about tutoring, grades three through high school. I do standardized test prep through a company with a different rate, whom I'm glad to connect you with. I'm happy to provide references if requested and answer any questions or inquiries!


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