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    Jeanne Goodman, MD
    26 Court Street, Suite 2515
    Zip Code:
    Greenwich Village

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    Reviewed by 2021Review
    On 10-Jun-2021
    Subject:  Review from the 2021 Therapist Survey
    Comment:  During what time span have you seen this therapist? 2014-2019Type of therapist: psychiatristWhat kind of patients does this therapist see? Older Children (pre-teens), Younger ChildrenIn-person, Zoom, or telephone therapy? In-person therapyBriefly describe the reasons you decided to seek help: ADHD, executive functioning, anxiety, depressionDoes the therapist take insurance, and if not, how has your experience been with filing claims? NoneReview: We took our child to see Dr, Goodman after a diagnosis of adhd.. She prescribed meds which worked fine for a couple of years, but seemed incapable of effectively treating our child when, as tween, things got messier. She suggested that she do weekly psychotherapy, which as best we could tell she was not effective at. She neglected to notice or treat the growing depression until another specialist pointed out that the adhd meds were likely exacerbating that. It was good that she then prescribed antidepressants, but it would have been better had she not waited till hearing that opinion. She also made some suggestions about handing social and environmental issues that defied common sense, and for these and other reasons we withdrew our child from her practice,
    Reviewed by 2020Review
    On 02-Jan-2021
    Subject:  Psychiatrist
    Comment:  Another recommendation for Dr. Jeanne Goodman. We’ve been working with her for a few years now to prescribe medication for my son.
    Reviewed by 2020Review
    On 02-Jan-2021
    Subject:  Psychiatrist
    Comment:  We really like Dr. Jeanne Goodman