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    Room Service Laundry



    Hello Park Slope!

    Room Service Laundry is a pick up and drop off laundry service in Brooklyn. Our goal is to make your lives a little bit easier by taking laundry off of your list of things to do so you can get back to enjoying your life. We use only high quality detergents, including baby-safe allFree&Clear. Our general Wash&Fold service is $1.59 per pound and includes free delivery on every order. Be sure to check out our Subscription services for even more monthly savings!


    Hi Park Slope!

    We'd like to offer Park Slope Parents Members 35% OFF their first order!

    Discount Code: PSP35
    Feel free to share with friends outside of the group. We service most zip codes in Brooklyn.

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    Reviewed by 2020Review
    On 19-Nov-2020
    Subject:  Stay Tuned!
    Comment:  This business is a Park Slope Parents Perks Provider. Stay tuned for reviews!