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    Organizational Tutors (OT) provides executive functioning tutoring to empower learners. Our network of specialists helps students with complicated learning profiles form positive habits and develop lifelong organizational skills to excel in their academic and personal lives.

    About OT's Mindfulness Theatre Club
    The interactive group program will guide your student in developing an understanding of their own thoughts and feelings through meditative practices and theater techniques. Over the years, we have learned the benefits associated with guided meditations, meditative activities, and creative expression. Theater skills such as acting, playwriting, and performing require components of mindfulness meditation such as concentration, active listening, and emotional memory. Our goal is to provide students with the foundational techniques to couple these two beneficial practices, which will guide self-expression and improve executive functioning skills. Led by one of our expert coaches, each weekly session will focus on selected skills associated with mindfulness, executive functioning, and theater.


    We are offering a 30% discount for the package cost of our Fall 2020 Mindfulness Theater Club. See https://www.organizationaltutors.com/after-school-programs/

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