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    Reviewed by 2021Review
    On 18-Mar-2021
    Subject:  Dog Groomer in North Slope?
    Comment:  I highly recommend Rod Leite of Homedoggy on 7th Avenue between Carroll and President streets: https://homedoggy.com/My dog has been groomed by Rod nearly her whole life and she’s almost 17 years old. Whenever Rod grooms her she looks and acts half her age, with more pep and joy. Rod is a dog whisperer.Note that Rod founded the dog grooming place on 1st Street and 7th Avenue before new owners took over.
    Reviewed by 2020Review
    On 05-Aug-2020
    Subject:  ISO Dog Groomer
    Comment:  I highly recommend Rod Leite, ‭(347) 581-2510, rodleite@homedoggy.com, https://homedoggy.com/. My vet recommended Rod to me when Gracie, my Westie, was a puppy. She is now 16 years old with renal failure and every time she sees Rod she comes home looking and acting years younger. He last groomed her in mid-June. Please use my name when you contact him.If I may, I'll share a quick story: The first time I took Gracie to Rod for a grooming, he said he would text me when he was nearly done so I could pick her up. Instead, he texted to say he needed an extra hour. When I asked him why, he texted back, "Gracie keeps kissing me on the face and I don't want to muzzle her so it is going to take longer." Anyone else would have just muzzled her. From that point on, I have been a hardcore Rod fan :-)