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    On 28-Jul-2020
    Subject:  Therapist for anxiety and phobias?
    Comment:  I went to a therapist to deal with my own OCD and phobia issues who I recommend highly. She is young (early 30s) which initially put me off, but she turned out to be really great and helped a lot. She was working out of a practice located at 36th and 1st Ave in Manhattan, but is doing telesessions now.Dr Michelle Dziedzic, PsyDdrdziedzicccbp@gmail.com You're doing the right thing by seeking help for these things! I had also just accepted that many phobia-avoiding behaviors (and anxieties) were just part of who I was, but therapy helped me realize that there's a lot I can do to ameliorate these things and live in a way that's less governed by them.Lastly, I definitely suggest reaching out to at least three or four therapists for phone introductions to see who you click with best before committing.