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    Having a baby for the first time is very intimidating to first time parents to be especially mom who has already so much on her plate even when she has hired a professional baby coach/baby nurse/newborn care specialist now imagine having to go it alone because of our current situation, This can make the toughest of moms anxious and more overwhelmed than she already will be.
    As a baby coach /baby nurse with 42 years experience under my belt loving, spoiling and caring not only newborns but for moms and dads as well, I am availing myself to nervous, inexperienced First Time Parents To Be remotely via skype or facetime for consultations and coaching. For those of you who prefer not to have the physical presence of a baby nurse/baby coach present due to distancing and other precautions etc. I am willing to help you providing you are a “practical mom/parent who does not mind being helped by a highly experienced baby nurse/baby coach.

    Currently coaching new first time parents in Florida, one in NYC and a family in West Bloomfield, Michigan as they care "solo". I am here to help you as I am confident that I can guide the most nervous of clients during pregnancy by answering questions and preparing you for what is ahead, from when you are in the hospital or from when you bring your newborn baby home and would like professional guidance while guiding you through the first days or hours with your precious newborn baby.



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