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    Success Academy Cobble Hill
    284 Baltic St
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    Cobble Hill

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    Reviewed by 2020Review
    On 04-May-2020
    Subject:  PS 321 v Success Academy-Cobble Hill
    Comment:  My children are in 4th grade and 1st grade at Success Academy and we LOVE it. At the time, we were deciding between PS 29 and Success and we went back and forth for a while.What eventually decided us were three factors: 1) it's a truly diverse school both ethnically (30% white, 30% black, 30% Hispanic and 10% Asian) and economically (about 50% free/reduced priced lunch) with no achievement gap among their students 2) they offer science every day starting in kindergarten 3) they have a really rich literacy program that includes diverse fiction, non-fiction and poetry starting in kindergartenWe really liked their curriculum- they do project based learning on different topics like bridges (they build bridges with blocks, do science research projects on types of bridges, write journals as people who would have worked on the bridge, walk across the Brooklyn bridge, etc). The students go on 2 field trips a month, start learning chess in kindergarten and have recess everyday. The kids also have art, music and phys ed each week. The teachers are really warm and they challenge each student to reach their full potential.On the other hand, it is a long school day (745-345 four days a week and 745-1230 one day) and it is a structured environment. My children really thrive on a structured environment but it's definitely something to consider if that is a good fit for your family.