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    Reviewed by 2020Review
    On 30-Mar-2020
    Subject:  Have you used a personal shopper? Referrals?
    Comment:  Alyia Thomas is simply wonderful! I not only love the way that she works and her styling/flair, but she's also a working mom and is super easy-going and relatable. She is a former model who's been doing styling for well over a decade, and she also has a background in merchandising and textile creation (which I think just adds so much to understanding not just style but also of the value/durability/longevity of the looks she puts together - which is important to me). She works with professional women who want to elevate their professional look - including new moms returning to work - but also rising women leaders, authors, etc.Insofar as pricing, she has two packages, and they are pretty in-depth in the experience you receive: -you fill out a questionnaire - she comes over to audit your closet to create a foundation for your own style (which is great, because you still want to feel like you, just a better version of YOU ... and not an impostor - or is that just me?) - from there she creates your personal style portfolio and look book that addresses your needs and the gaps in your current closet + you go shopping together (and virtual shopping) to fill those gaps - finally, she not only revisits your home to put together 20-30 outfits for you based on your closet + shopping experience, but also takes photos of the outfits (kind of like in a magazine - where you can pair x blazer with y pants/a + c skirt, etc... or you'll get this reference if you're old like me, like Cher in Clueless)