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    The Music Room
    748 Union St
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    Park Slope



    The Music Room is a membership space dedicated to the art of practicing and teaching music. We offer teaching & practice rooms for professional musicians & music educators. Our teaching & practice rooms are furnished with thoughtfully selected upright pianos. Our rooms are designed to be cozy and elegant.

    Looking for lessons for yourself or for your child? Fill out a lesson referral and we'll match you with one of our teaching members.

    Looking for an upright piano to practice or teach on? Fill out a membership inquiry form on our website.


    Piano Practice / Teaching Room:
    20% Off Music Room Membership for the first month of membership.

    While we will refer music students to our teaching members, we do not offer discounts for music lessons as our teaching members are independent.

    Membership includes three-hour weekly access to our teaching/practice studios. For instance, Tuesdays, 9am-12pm. Membership times are subject to availability and rates per room vary.

    -Discount only applies to one month of membership to the music room.
    -Must have online coupon code.
    -First time members only.
    -Discount may only be used once per family.

    We do not offer discounts for music lessons as our teaching members are independent and set their own rates.

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