Park Slope (Center Slope)



4th Ave to Prospect Park West, Garfield Avenue through 9th Street



F, R, D 2, 3, 4 & 5 Trains

B 63, B69, B 71, B B75



The Best Things

Access to Prospect Park (3rd Street Playground & Harmony)

Access to a lot of childhood programs and classes

Very Child/Family Friendly

“A True Neighborhood”


Things Needing Change:

            Cost of housing needs to go down

            More daycares and preschools

            Less pricey kids’ boutiques


Happiness Index (n= 14)

            Extremely Happy         50%

            Very Happy                  50%



The Down and Dirty Truth (Quotes from Parents)

  • Be prepared to spend a lot on real estate and parking is very hard.
  • Much more expensive than you think it will be. You don't need a car; it's OK not to join the food co-op (and you don't even have to drive to fairway or order from fresh direct).
  • It's an expensive neighborhood where the average age of first time parents is 30 years +. There is occasionally a self-righteous attitude but overall the people are friendly and helpful.
  • It's one of the nicest neighborhoods I know in Brooklyn. I can't think of anything unpleasant about it!
  • I’d highly recommend it, but it can be very expensive rent-wise. to me that's the only unfortunate part of living in Park Slope.
  • It is great, but not cheap. But is much better than all other NYC neighborhoods and certainly much better than any suburb!
  • Move here now. I love my neighborhood so much.
  • Make HUGE amounts of money. HUGE! I love the area, but our rent is insane.
  • Be prepared to take initiative, do a lot of research and have plenty of money to spend. While there are some great options here, they are costly and it is very easy to get ripped off. Visit before you move. If you have an adult lifestyle, this may not be the place for you. Generally, the sidewalks roll up at 10 pm. Drinking late night, carousing, loud music is not tolerated. Expect to pay one half your salary on housing and the rest on daycare. Financial security is a must; otherwise you may last as long as the new restaurant that just closed(pick one, there are so many) on 5th Avenue.
  • there are neighborhoods around the park that are more affordable than Park Slope, worth checking out (Prospect Lefferts, Prospect Heights) gentrification has been a mixed bag for the Slope -- there are definite benefits but it has also zapped a lot of the flavor out of 7th Avenue, for example
  • Do it.
  • Finding a suitable housing situation is the critical key...whether it's the location, enough closets, or affordable mortgage payment or rent
  • It's a great place to move if you are thinking of having a family...


Public Schools






MORE QUOTES FROM PARENTS: (On a separate page)


What would you say are the BEST THINGS about living in your neighborhood from a 'raising kids' perspective?

  • It is easy to get around; as your kids get older, you feel they are ok walking around the neighborhood. It truly is a neighborhood and we know it takes a neighborhood to raise a child -- I have met many people who are there for me and my kids.
  • proximity to park, and stimulation of OTHER PEOPLE.
  • Proximity to park, zoo, shops, classes. Access to other parents and parent groups.
  • Support of all kinds from other parents and kids. Park nearby. Park slope food coop nearby(good inexpensive food if you're willing to work a few hrs a month there).
  • the amount of resources available for parents and children. for example, parent groups, the parks, local activities for children (i.e. sing-a-along @ Perch, etc..). it's extremely geared towards children and families.
  • Easy access to activities -- Sing-alongs, Story times a block or two from my house. A diverse, interesting community of kids and parents.
  • Parks are close by, neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, there are plenty of other babies/kids around, Prospect Park is extremely family friendly.
  • How easy it is to meet others in the area and how many types of classes and supports are available for parents.
  • Area is unbelievably child friendly; sometimes it's almost too accommodating. Parks are plentiful and generally well-maintained. The PSP website offers "get started" information like advice about real estate, nannies, pre-schools, etc. There is a warm, Berkeley, CA feel to Park Slope, exceptionally safe and welcoming environment for children (idyllic Sesame Street atmosphere) and public transportation is pretty good.
  • many stay at home moms, lots of activities, convenient shopping - natural food, Farmer's market, and of course park



What would you like to CHANGE about living in your neighborhood from a 'raising kids' perspective?

  • I'd like to be able to park my car! Also, I feel that the neighborhood activities are not affordable for my family.
  • I would love to buy a place here and /or not worry about the amount of rent so much. I would love it if Apartments were cheaper.
  • The schools are a mix of good to excellent. We should work for all of them to be "excellent."
  • More day care facilities for younger babies.
  • We need more things for the older kids to do and cleaner parks.
  • The cost! Prices in this area are ridiculous. Housing is becoming so exclusive and expensive that entire families are moving back in together (called mother-daughter housing). There is a dearth of pre-schools and daycare; waiting lists are 2 years! People can be snobby especially when it comes to organic-natural-breast feeding-SAHM issues and it can be intimidating. Socially, the area is ok; I have not found people to be especially friendly; ironically, Manhattan was friendlier. While there are many mommies and daddies with strollers, useful information from actual people can be hard to get re: childcare issues. The PSP is invaluable and necessary for that alone.
  • more affordable schools and pre-schools
  • less pricy kids boutiques and more realistic priced stores carrying more day to day necessities
  • Climbing subway stairs and stoops with a stroller and child is not my favorite activity.
  • it's too expensive. my husband and I cannot afford to buy a home here. the place we rent has many problems and we will likely move to another neighborhood in order to have more space
  • Many shops for kids are too expensive.
  •  Nothing
  • I wish parents were a little less judgmental about each other and our varying parenting styles.