How to Search for a Nanny on PSP Classifieds

Looking for a nanny and wanting to find an easier way to browse recommendations on the Park Slope Parents (PSP) Classifieds? Harness the power of the Yahoo! search functions to help you narrow down the posts to ones that are relevant to you. This article explains the steps to take.

 1. To search for nannies on the PSP Classifieds you'll need to be a member of our group. 

To join, go HERE.

We have over 100 groups on PSP, but you’ll need to belong to the Yahoo! Classifieds Group in order to access nanny recommendations from our members.  You’ll also need to have a Yahoo ID to log in to the Yahoo! web interface. To Create a YahooID go HERE

To join the list so we can easily approve you, go HERE and click “Join this Group?”

Once you are on the Classifieds and have a Yahoo ID: log on to through your Yahoo ID HERE.


2. Sign in:


3. At the top of the page you can SEARCH conversations:


4. Type in CHILDCARE:


5. You’ll get a list of the Nanny posts from most recent:


6: For a more refined search you can click on Advance Search:


7. Select either last 7 or 30 days:


And you should then be able to sift through the recommendations!


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