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 READ through the PSP RECOMMENDATION POLICY before posting


--- Business Name and contact information about the business/provider
--- Your PSP member ID OR the email address you receive PSP emails (only PSP members may provide reviews, so you must include this)
--- Your Unbiased, even tempered Review* (See Recommendations Policy below)
----"Declaration of Integrity" at the top of the email you send (see Below).

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PLEASE Allow 2-3 weeks for your review to post through feedback (longer if the recommendation was posted to the PSP Yahoo Group). If it doesn't, please email us again, referencing your prior post.


Include the following statement at the top of your email:

AGREE TO THE DECLARATION OF INTEGRITY…. if you certify that I have no conflict-of-interest in making this entry (I are neither owner/employee/family member/best friend). I realize that false advertising is a Class A misdemeanor (Section 190.20 of the NYS Penal Law) and violations to this declaration may result in myself of the business being publicized for the violation and my membership suspended.



Park Slope Parents wants to hear from satisfied folks about local businesses. We allow “Shout Out” recommendations without responding to someone’s questions specifically asking for a recommendation (e.g., “We love this new restaurant”). Recommendations should be made by past customers of the business in question based on firsthand experience. In no event should the recommendation be made by the owner, co-workers, a relative, or anyone else with a financial interest in the business or product. Any other personal ties (friendship, former business relationship, etc.) should be made clear in the post.

We ask that you submit reviews and comments that offer information based on your own, firsthand personal experience in the last year. Furthermore, if you can offer a bit of inside scoop or helpful suggestions, please do. Sometimes the most useful reviews include a tidbit of information you can’t find in the basic contact information.

Negative reviews are as important as positive ones, but please review responsibly.  Your opinions are generally protected under the law, but reviews containing false information or information that can be construed as libel or slander are your responsibility and be very careful in posting information that could negatively effect the future of a business (read more here).

In no event should the recommendation be made by the owner, co-workers, a relative, or anyone else with a financial interest in the business or product. Any other personal ties (friendship, former business relationship, etc.) should be made clear in the post.


--- Active members of Park Slope Parents
--- Those who have a first-hand experience with a business or service. (If you haven’t tried it, you can’t recommend it.)
--- Those who have NO conflict of interest in making a recommendation (you can’t post for family members, spouses, co-workers, people who share your work space, etc.).
--- Those who gain nothing from posting a recommendation. (If you got/get a discount/free stuff/etc, you have a conflict of interest in making the recommendation).
--- People who haven't sent a review in the past.

--- An adsy marketing message that really sounds like an ad rather than a first-hand experience shout out.
--- A forwarded newsletter or message from the teacher or program owners
--- Self-referrals or recommendations
--- Discounts (if the service/business wants to give a discount they can contact PSP to join our discount program).
--- Reviews that you’ve posted before about the same company. (One shout out is a happy customer; more than that unsolicited and you’re marketing for the business.)

If your proposed recommendation falls into the NOT ACCEPTABLE category, you (or the business) can still buy a commercial post under the PSP Commercial Post Policy. It's a great way to boost your own business--and a great gift to help out a friend's business! Please email for information.

If you want to make a recommendation, please ask yourself these questions first to determine whether you have a conflict of interest:

1)  Do you have a financial tie with the business? (if yes, you cannot post a recommendation)

2)  Have you actually tried the product or service? (if no, you don't have a recommendation to make)

3)  Is the owner of the business a friend? (if yes, you must state this)

4) Is the owner of the business a relative or co-worker? (if yes, you cannot post a recommendation)

5) Have you posted in the last year?  (If it's an unsolicited recommendation you can only give a "shout out" once a year.)

* ACCEPTABLE: "I'd like to put in a good word for the people at the Personal Touch Bookstore. I've been searching for years for an out-of-print book I loved as a child, and these guys not only tracked it down for me, but also gift-wrapped it beautifully for my child. Let's all support this wonderful local resource! (I don t have any ties with the business--just a happy customer)."
* ACCEPTABLE: "A new bakery just opened on my block, and the food is delicious! The owner is my husband's best friend, but I'd eat there even if we were sworn enemies. It's called The Good Post Cafe--check it out!"
* NOT ACCEPTABLE: "Hi everyone, I'd like to announce that I've invented the world's best sling, and it's now available in local stores and online. Order your Backsaver 2000 today!"
* NOT ACCEPTABLE: "Has anyone else noticed how great the food is at that new Canadian Cuisine restaurant? Whoever owns that place is doing a wonderful service for the neighborhood--the macaroni and cheese is the best around!" [In reality, the restaurant is owned by the poster's mother-in-law.]
* NOT ACCEPTABLE: "I am a photographer and could take great photos of your baby. My website is”
NOTE: Businesses ARE allowed to post PRIVATELY in response to a request (e.g., "My wife is a pediatrician"; "I specialize in computer repair for Macs"; "I own the store X") but that relationship to the business needs to be made clear in your private post. Please don’t use the list to troll. Occasional follow ups are fine, but actively trolling for business is not allowed.



Park Slope Parents reserves the right to remove reviews and comments that it finds to be objectionable, unfairly biased, personal attacks, airing of dirty laundry, or bigoted.  We may also require you to post the review to the PSP Advice Group before including it on the website.