Traveling with Baby

One mom shares some responses she received and learned about traveling with a little baby.


I'm very grateful for all the excellent advice I've received in this forum for the flight itself, and I'm thinking that I might wait till we return from our flight to report back on it and how it went, for other parents planning flights with their babies (by the way, I stumbled on a website called something like where people who've returned from flights with children post advice...mainly I learned from it to take tons of wipes!)



Some crucial things i've learned so far:

- you can detach your medela style advanced pump from its case and pack it in your suitcase;

- to take extra clothing for yourself as well as baby;

- and that when flying on Delta, you may not use a baby b'air harness during take-off or landing, or any such device other than the CARES which is for a child over one year.

- Also - to get a bassinet, get to airport really early and make a fuss about it.

- Also, a stroller may be taken as far as the gate and then should be packed in some kind of bag because it will get dirty;

- I found out that is the place to get a somewhat flimsy but better-than-nothing orange bag marked 'gate check' for umbrella strollers to be checked in, at gate; Sasha's Kiddie products sells the same thing at a higher price.

- Something I'm trying (our baby is b'fed but we supplement with Similac): bringing a load of pre-prepared, disposable Similac bottles for the flights there and back (16 2-oz bottles each way! she sometimes does short feedings..) to avoid the hassle of obtaining water & then mixing formula on the plane & solve problem of washing up bottles. Delta say we may take as many as we actually need for the flight, so I'm hoping they won't be puzzled by the sheer number of bottles. We're taking 18 or so non-disposable nipples (I had some headaches obtaining ones that actually fit but have them now) to use with these, planning to sterilize at other end for return journey (while there, we'll revert to Breastflow bottles & nipples). This may turn out to have been an extravagant way of doing things. We're also having to take 6 cans of Similac powder (buy through if you have amazon prime, and not through our luggage because no way to buy it there, and I didn't want to try her on a new brand once over there.


Useful tips from around the web:

This is a cool infographic about travelling with babies!


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