Passport Information

 Information about how to get your child a passport for travel.


READ ME! This is a SUPER USEFUL government link about Kids and Passports


Important Advice:


- Both parents and the child applying for the passport must be present or provide a notarized form (HERE) signed by the absent parent

- If both parents cannot be present, a notarized statement from the absent parent must be presented at the time of application

- Original birth certificates must be presented; copies will not be accepted

- Passport photos must meet specific requirements in terms of facial dimensions and photo size

- Did you know you can get passports AND photos at the Park Slope Central Library branch? Read what parents say about the process HERE, what you need, and more. 

- Research what photography stores offer passport photo services

- Research which post offices are able to process applications.  Also, some post offices such as Van Brunt station can process applications but ONLY do so during certain restricted hours—call in advance to avoid unnecessary trips!

- Passport application forms can be downloaded from the post office’s official website and prepared in advance


Other Useful Links & Resources:


Park Slope Parent Member tips on where to get passport photos in Brooklyn


Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch is also a passport acceptance facility


The United States Postal Service website


Passport Acceptance Facility Search Page website

Tip: the zip code search allows you to find which post offices, clerks of court, public libraries and other state, county, township, and municipal government offices accept passport applications


Passport Services Office website

Tip: Provides detailed information regarding the special requirements for children applying for passports


Advice on Passport Expiration:


Note that number of countries, particularly in Europe, now require that your passport's expiration date must be at least six months after you are scheduled to return from your destination. That means if you are traveling to France in October 2016 and your return trip is November 1, 2016, your passport's expiration date must be after May 1, 2017. Thus, if your return trip from France is November 1, 2016 and your passport expires, for instance, on December 20, 2016, the airline will not allow you to board the airplane in the U.S. for France. Some countries require an expiration date in advance less than six months. PSP recommends that you check with the destination nation to learn its regulation before booking your flights in order to find out whether you need to renew your passport before you travel.


Advice on Expedited Passports:


From the US Department of State website about getting an expediated passport: 

"If you are leaving on an emergency trip, apply in person at the nearest passport agency, presenting your tickets or airline-generated itinerary, as well as other required items listed in this publication. To ensure that customers with imminent travel receive their passports in time for their trips, many passport agencies are now only operating by appointments and are generally serving only those leaving in less than 14 days.

If you do not live near a passport agency, but your overnight delivery service is reliable, departures within 7 to 10 business days may often be accommodated by appointments at a nearby passport acceptance facility. You will need to pay the additional $60 fee for expedited service and include a self-addressed, prepaid, two-way, overnight delivery envelope.  For all those customers leaving within 6 or fewer business days, apply at a passport agency. Whichever way you apply, be sure to include your departure date and travel plans on your application.”


From PSP members about getting expediated passports:

The New York City Passport Agency is at 376 Hudson Street, Tel. number for appointments is 212-206-3500.  It is open from 7:30am-3:00 Monday thru Friday, but by appointment only – so make sure to call and schedule a time first!

Some Park Slope parents have been able to get same-day passports from the Passport Agency in extenuating circumstances as well.

Others have recommended as a means to get their passport quickly.

Local Passport Acceptance Facilities, such as the 9th Street Van Brunt Station Post Office and Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza LIBRARY also can provide expedited service for additional fees.

VOICE OF EXPERIENCE: "I've been there-having discovered my passport was expired the day before leaving the country. You have a few options. First-I think you're probably safe with the Hudson St. office - I've never heard of them not being able to give you your passport on the same day, if you pay the last-minute surcharge.  However, when you call the main passport number at the State Department, there is (as I recall) a long series of voicemail options that ends with the chance to talk to an operator. I know this is extreme, but I was able get a same-day appointment in Philadelphia. The people in that office are very nice! It was about a four-hour wait from start to finish. So, to be on the safe side, that's an option. There's also an office in Hartford, I think, where you can get an appointment sooner. You can also call Sen. Shumer or Gillibrand's offices. They have constituent-service staff who can sometimes intervene, perhaps getting you an appointment sooner on Hudson Street. It can't hurt to try.  Finally, have you talked to the people in the passport office at the Brooklyn Public Library? I think they may be able to expedite a passport, too, and you can just walk in without an appointmet."


Manhattan Field Offices and Post Office Comments from Park Slope Parents Members:


376 Hudson Street

- "We chose to get our son’s first passport here because it eliminates the possibility of mail delays and losses, which is helpful when you are dealing with time sensitive materials.  You can schedule an appointment within 2 weeks of your trip, and the passports can be ready the same day (7/2006)"

- "We had a very positive experience with this office.  We arrived at 9am and received service within 10 minutes.  The key is to arrive early and make sure you bring all of your process and application papers.  Our passports were ready in about 3 hours (4/2004)"


Cooper Union

- "This location was very organized and the staff was very helpful.  We did not spend the extra money to expedite our passport, but received it in 2.5 weeks nonetheless (4/2006)." 


38th and 8th Avenue

The staff members were very nice and patient with our child.  We did the expedited service and got our child’s passport within a week.  This office handles a lot of passport applications, so staff members know which photos are acceptable and can also help you with the application forms.  I’ve never had to wait in line for more than 5 minutes (5/2006)


9th Street Post Office (Van Brundt)

- "This site does not offer passport photo services (4/2006)."

- "We tried to apply for our son’s passport numerous times at this location, but our experience was very troublesome.  The office was so disorganized that we decided not to file our paperwork there (11/2004)."

- "We found the staff members and services here to be careless.  Evidently when the postal clerk is out sick, no staff member can substitute for that position.  Earlier this summer, a clerk failed to witness the signature of one parent, the passport failed to arrive despite purchasing the expedited service option, and staff members provided ambiguous information regarding our application’s status (11/2004)."


Country Clerks Office

- "The County Clerks Office (360 Adams Street) has a window for processing passports. The other day when I was   there there was no one waiting.  There was however a notice saying all passports were taking at least 12 weeks. (June, 2007)."