Working Parents

So,  working and parenting are each tough enough.   Managing both together--well, XYZ [we can work on the copy later!].   We want to help you!   To do this, we've got some great initiatives under our way, to help you network and find job opportunities, develop your business or career, and do it all in a way that maximizes your sanity and allows you to enjoy and appreciate the toughest job of all, being a parent.


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Q&A With a Better Balance About the New Paid Family Leave Laws in New York State

Paid family leave in New York goes into effect on January 1, 2018. And those who have kids in 2017 may take paid family leave in 2018, as long as they take leave within a year of the birth.

 In response to the many questions on various Park Slope Parents listserves, Park Slope parent & ABB Board Member Elizabeth Saylor put together the below question and answer. Molly Weston Williamson, a staff attorney at A Better Balance, helped her with this. If you are an employee or independent contractor and have additional questions not answered below, we recommend you call ABB (212-430-5982) or the state’s paid family leave hotline (844-337-6303). Employers, including household employers of nannies or housekeepers, should also call the state hotline for more information.

Elizabeth will also continue to work with PSP and ABB to answer additional questions. Hope this helps. The new law is very exciting but, as with anything new, a bit confusing.

This page was updated Dec 21, 2017



Working Moms Pep Talk

When one mother wrote to the group worried about going back to work, positive responses came pouring in. Here, we pulled together their replies. In sum: you got this!





Freelancing Websites

A list of website resources for freelancers.




Talking to Unemployed People

Tips on how to talk with unemployed friends and parents.

How to Deal with a Deliquent Client

PSP member advice for dealing with a client that does not pay their invoice.




The PSP Guide to Securing Backup/ Emergency/ Last Minute Childcare

Uh oh. You’ve found yourself needing unexpected childcare. Maybe your nanny or babysitter has just called in sick or you are a freelancer and a job just came in at short notice. Or something else has come up and you find yourself needing a babysitter. What can you do?  

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How to connect your way into your next job

One parent shares her tips and resources that keep landing her new jobs.




Should I take a break from work?

PSP working mothers talk about taking a break from work. This article summarizes two exchanges on our PSP forums, one discussion (2014) with a parent working part-time and deciding whether she should stop, and another thread (2017) about one mother on maternity leave who is debating whether she should return to her job

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Freelancing and Maternity Leave

Advice for freelancers about maternity leave.




Work affirmations: "So happy to be back at work!"

 One PSP parent shared an observation to their group that kickstarted an awesome dialogue. They wrote: “Overall, it feels like the majority of messages I've received from all directions say that when you go back to work, you'll hate your job and feel distracted and guilty all day that you aren't with your baby. That it'll be impossible to be in a different location than your sweet baby angel all day. After hearing this so often, I really started to fear that I would have a difficult time when I went back to work.”




Work, Pregnancy, and Complications

What to do when work is complicated, your pregnancy is complicated, and life just feels complicated. PSP members share their advice and experiences about navigating their employer, emotions, and the law.