Resources for Parents Under Stress

 Parenting can be hard, especially with few supports. PSP can help, by providing a community of neighbors who’ve been there and done that.  Still, sometimes you need more than likeminded fellow parents.  Many of us have times when we need professional assistance, for the good of our whole families.  If you are feeling like you need professional help, here are some resources to turn to.


Help Lines That Are Always Staffed:

Parent Helpline (NY Foundling) 1 888 435 7553 This is a 24x7 help line. You do NOT have to give your name. Provides crisis counseling and intervention, parenting support and information needed for parents to properly care for themselves and their children.


LIFENET is New York City’s mental health and crisis support line, staffed by mental health professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All calls are kept in strictest confidence.

Call 1-800-LIFENET.  That’s 1-800-543-3638. for 24 hr/7day help for anytime for mental health and substance abuse information and referrals.  They can provide assistance and hook you up with the appropriate resources.

For  Lifenet assistance in Spanish call 1 877 AYUDESE  1-877-298-3373

For assistance in Cantonese, Mandarin or Korean, Lifenet is available at 1 877 990 8585 ( Mon- Fri 6am-5pm and 6pm-10pm, Saturdays 12pm-7pm.

For the hearing impaired, Lifenet has 24x7 TTY service at 212 982 5284.


Prevention Information and Parent Helpline provides information and referrals for prevention of child abuse at all times.  Call 1-800-342-7472. The Helpline is a program of Prevent Child Abuse NY.


The Safe Horizons Hotline provides 24x7 assistance to victims of Domestic Violence.  Call them at 1 800 621 HOPE.  That’s 1-800-621- 4673.  They provide assistance in English and Spanish.  For the hearing impaired, TTY service is available at 1 866 604 5350.


The New York Foundling Crisis Nursery and Family Center provides respite care for children whose parents or caregivers are in crisis.  Call them at 1-888-435-7553 at any time if you are a parent or caregiver and fear you will harm your child out of frustration, feel suicidal, have a runaway or acting-out child, or are in any situation that prevents you from keeping your child safe.


911 Call 911 from any phone if you are in immediate danger of hurting yourself or others.


Other Resources

Family Resource Centers Provide a comprehensive range of family support services to families with children (birth to age 24 years) who have been identified as having emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges, or who are at risk for developing such challenges.

•             Institute for Community Living Family Resource Center- 718 290 8100 ext 4145. Staffed Mon- Fri 9am -9PM, Sat 10AM-2PM

•             Jewish Child Care Association 718 859 4500 ask for Denise Stephenson.  Staffed Mon, Wed, Fri 10-6, Tues and Thurs 10-8 and Sat 10-2p


Health Insurance

•             AccessNYC- To see what insurance you may qualify for


Mobile Mental Health Resources

Call the Mobile Crisis Team at Interfaith Medical Center, 1-718-613-6618 when you need to be seen by a mental health professional within 24-48 hours but can’t get out to see a professional (or don’t have the resources)  Hours are Mon- Thurs 9AM- 9:30PM and Sat and Sun 10AM-6PM.  This is a free service. 


Child Abuse Resources

New York City’s department that handles child abuse issues is called the Administration for Children’s Services, abbreviated as ACS.  People have many feelings about ACS. However, they exist to protect children and to help families. In recent years they have made significant policy changes and now their aim is to put supports in place in the home and keep children at home unless there is immediate risk of harm to the children. 

 •         Been a witness to neglect, abuse, or maltreatment? Call the ACS State Central Registry at 1-800-342-3720 to make a report (or determine if you want to make one). For  a better understanding of the post-report process:

•         Call 1 718 KIDSAFE if you have questions as to whether or not you should call in a report to the State Central Registry to Report Child abuse, neglect or maltreatment. Mon- Fri 9-5

Do YOU need help?  Having trouble with your own ACS case?

•         ACS Office of Advocacy works with community members such as parents, grandparents and foster parents to address concerns related to their experience with ACS. 212 676 9421 or 9035.


Domestic Violence Resources

Family Justice Center- Provides many services for victims of Domestic Violence in one location

350 Jay St , take any train to Brooklyn Borough Hall area

Operates Mon- Fri 9-5 No appointments necessary, you can just walk in.