Pregnancy Health Advice

Placenta Encapsulation

No research has proved the effects of eating the postpartum placenta: negative nor positive. So why do some parents choose to eat their own organ? And how is it done? This article explores pros and cons of digesting it.



Preparing for - and having - a C-section

A Cesarean section is major abdominal surgery, but it is also the birth of your child! Before you head to the OR, you’ll want to feel ready for the surgery, your hospital stay, and your baby! Here, Park Slope Parents member share their tips for preparing for a C-section.



Recovering from a C-section

C-section recovery can be full of challenges. You have to manage your pain, your scar, your movement—oh, and not to mention your new baby! Here, Park Slope Parents members share their Cesarean section recovery tips and experiences.