Nesting and Preparation

In this section of the PSP website, you will find articles to help you with nesting and preparation. Looking for PSP member reviews of stores in the neeighborhood related to shopping for the baby?  Go to the recommendations section of the PSP website here.


Shoe Advice For Pregnant Moms

Tips and recommendations from PSP members for what to wear when your feet swell during pregancy.

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Cord Blood Banking

Wondering what to do with your baby’s cord blood? Park Slope Parents members discuss the pros and cons as well as deliberating public vs. private cord blood banks. Here are some tips and insights as well as some resources for further research.

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Stuff for Baby

Suggested list of items to buy for your new baby

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Belly Cast

What is a belly cast and should I care?




What to Bring to the Hospital

A list of things to make your labor, delivery, and recovery comfortable.

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Morning Sickness/ Nausea

Help for Morning Sickness

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How To Take Beautiful Maternity Photos of your Pregnancy

Taking photos of your body developing, growing & expanding with your baby is a wonderful way to document your experiences as a soon-to-be-mother.  You don't need to be a professional to take beautiful images. Here are some photos & tips that will insprire YOU to take YOUR photos to the next level. Park Slope Parents' own Susan Fox shares her tips that will hopefully inspire you to take beautiful photos of your own.

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Tips for managing the family - before, during, after giving birth

Here are some tips and advice on how to strike the right balance of managing the family before, during, and after giving birth…

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Baby Resources - awesome advice from a PSP Member

Below are Resources offered by one of our Park Slope Parents members based on her journey. It was adapted from “MARA’S BABY RESOURCES” by Park Slope Parents Member, Mara Sheftel. Thanks Mara!

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Gift Ideas: Practical Baby Items

One PSP member asked their baby group: "I'm putting together a baby gift for my newly pregnant friend, and the theme of the gift is "highly practical baby items." (I suspect most of her other gifts will be highly impractical.) Thinking back to after you had your baby: what were highly practical, must-have items you wish you'd gotten in advance, rather than having to do a midnight Duane Reade run?"